Globber invented the Scooter technology designed for kids with many new and unique products available.

The prestigious toy award is limited to the top four products at the International fair. Which had the purpose to honor the most innovative toy products and will lead the trend in the next few years.

Scooters Globber My Free 4-in-1 is very easy to use. It helps kids to improve their skill, health and happiness. Also, it encourages children to have first hand experience and to develop coordination and balance skills when playing outside

Scooters globber offers 4 different positions.


The lowest position comes with a seat which allows children to sit and move forward by foot. In this position, children can enjoy driving around and exploring new areas. This scooter is very fun and easy to use during child play.

Parents can support their children by attaching the control rod and pushing their child from the back of the seat.

Scooters my free 4-in-1 will guide children to learn how to use scooters more easily and efficiently with the following functions: 2 front wheels, steering wheel lock, low floor, high steering, lower steering wheel, power steering...